Healthy Tips for Working at a Desk Job

By Dr. Levi Harrison Working at a desk can be tiring and boring if you allow that to happen. Let’s spruce up and brighten your day with exercises at your desk! Make your desk job a series of mini-workouts throughout the day. Here are some daily tips for improving your overall health at work.  …

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Weight training for women: top 5 reasons from Dr. Levi Harrison

  Weight training is extremely important for women of all ages. It should be an integral part of any woman’s fitness regimen. This type of training will not only provide the outer beauty benefits but will also give measurable internal health benefits.   Here are 5 very important reasons why women should use weights for…

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7 Tips to avoid weight gain during the Holidays

By D. Levi Harrison, MD   As an orthopedic surgeon and fitness expert, I am asked questions about weight loss and fitness. These questions are asked even more during the holidays. Gaining weight during one holiday season can occur easily if you are not focused about maintaining your weight during this time of year. Over…

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