Cardiovascular Training for Basketball by Dr. Levi Harrison
October 25th, 2019 | By Dr. Levi Harrison

Hi, this is Dr. Levi, your fitness doctor, author of “The Art of Fitness” and an orthopedic surgeon. Today, I’ll be demonstrating exercises that will increase your cardiovascular fitness for basketball. You’re going to enjoy this. You want to make sure that you position yourself, you are standing erect. The basketball is in front of your chest cavity. You squat, bring the basketball down in front of you or the medicine ball down, as you bring the ball down you spread your legs wide to do the burpee exercise along with the push-up. You do the push-up, you hold onto the ball, you pop up, jump up and keep the ball next to your thorax. Your legs are going to be conditioned, your calves, your upper body. You get the workout in because don’t forget when you are doing this, take a look. You are also doing a push-up while you are doing this exercise also. You are working your core. Your core is consisting of your abdominal exercises, abdominal muscles as well as your paraspinal muscles as well as some of your pelvic muscles. So with this exercise you are working all of that including your gluteus, your legs, your quadriceps, your hamstrings.

Now the key here for basketball training is to also know that you want to do them non-stop. So I recommend you do these for three minutes straight without stopping or attempt to do a set of 30. It’s imperative that you get your heart rate moving, get your heart rate up and elevated. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning the basics for cardiovascular training for basketball. This is Dr. Levi. Keep on exercising.

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