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Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

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As a fitness expert and physician, Dr. Levi Harrison combines his medical and fitness expertise to create safe, effective and dynamic fitness regimens for individuals of varying fitness levels.

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As the Gamers and eSports doctor, I started taking care of the gaming community well over a decade. After meeting a patient who was a gamer having significant bilateral hand and wrist injuries, I found a niche in truly helping gamers and eSports competitors. The injuries in this community can be very extensive and varied including hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, neck, back and even leg injuries. These athletes are treated with specific exercise programs, postural realignment exercises and fitness training programs. I am able to treat an injured player with a personalized, rehabilitative exercise plan or provide an effective preventive exercise regimen and practical fitness routine for an entire eSports team. These exercise plans are structured to extend successful gaming and eSports careers.

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About Dr. Levi

Dr. Levi Harrison earned his medical degree at The University of California at Davis, School of Medicine and completed fellowship at the internationally renowned Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center in Indianapolis. He completed his Orthopedic Surgery residency in Los Angeles where he now resides and evaluates patients. His practice is a center of excellence for sports related upper extremity and shoulder injuries as well as hand rehabilitation.

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Patients are Saying

Amazingly kind and great guy. There's few doctors with this combination of skill, passion and love for what they do. Dr. Levi Harrison takes time and doesn't treat based on assumptions, while most of my other doctors have. As a gamer, online marketeer and often too digital life, I use too many devices and had resulting injuries and RSI. Even though I am not better yet, it is great to finally speak to someone who understands. I'm glad I got in touch with him and I hope he gets to help many others in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

- Dominique de Kort

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

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Dr. Levi Harrison

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Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

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Dr. Levi Harrison, MD