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October 25th, 2019 | By Dr. Levi Harrison

“Dr. Levi, how do I choose the best supplement?”

“Dr. Levi, are all supplements safe and good?”

“Which supplements do you take Dr. Levi?”

These are the most common questions that my patients ask me on a daily basis. They truly want to know what supplements they can use to optimize their health and athletic performance. Often, these patients are concerned, confused and fearful about using nutritional products.

They simply do not know how to choose supplements for their health and fitness goals.Their concerns are appropriate because there are so many choices available. The nutritional supplementation market is a multi-billion dollar industry which uses intense media bombardment to remind potential buyers why they “must have” a product. The truth about a product can be elusive.

Here is an easy mnemonic I pass along to my patients to assist them in choosing a nutritional supplement. Please note that, I remind them to use food as medicine. Eating a vitamin enhanced, minerally balanced and fiber rich diet can alleviate the need for extensive supplements. But when it comes to supplementation, I prescribe the following pneumatic: S.A.F.E.

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