Hamstring & Cardio Workout with Dr. Levi
October 25th, 2019 | By Dr. Levi Harrison

Here is a 45 min. safe and effective training routine for your hamstrings during cardio training.

Let’s get moving! Exercise is life!


15 min. on the rowing machine
or 15 min. of stair stepping or stair climbing


2 sets of 30 sec. Single Leg Static Hamstring Stretch-Sit on a bench with one foot on the floor and the other leg straight and fully extended in front of you on the bench. Now reach gently for your toes and hold that stretch for 30 sec. without bouncing. Now, switch and do the other leg. Do this stretch for 2 sets for each leg. Be mindful of the tension that you feel on your hamstrings. Mild discomfort is often experienced; yet, no pain should be experienced during the stretch.

2 sets of 30 sec.-Double or Bilateral Static Hamstring stretch-Stand with your back/ buttocks against a wall with a low bench in front of you. Bend forward with a goal of keeping your legs and knees straight as you bend forward bringing your chest to your knees. (Use the bench for balance, if needed. If you feel lightheaded, immediately straddle the bench and sit or lay face up on the bench.)


2 sets of 15- Combined Leg lifts and Squats with 2-4 lb. ankle weights (Weights are optional depending on your core fitness and coordination. Go at YOUR own pace. You are a WINNER already!!)

Lift your flexed right knee and bring your left flexed elbow to that knee and balance on the left leg. Maintain your balance and lift your knee with purpose and focus. Do not excessively swing your leg and knee when elevating them. Then do a 5-full squat with your back straight and flex/ bend knees (to 90 degrees or 60 degrees). Listen to your body. After the 5 squats, now switch and bring the right elbow to your elevated and flexed left knee.


Do 3 sets 10: Combined Forward Lunges (with or without the ankle weights) and Behind Your Back Heel Touches.

As you lunge forward, keep the knee directly over the ankle. The leg that is behind should have a flexed knee, plantar flexed foot and the heel remains of the floor. Maintain your balance well during this exercise. After you do the lunge on each side, then swing the right hand behind your back to the left foot with a flexed knee. Do 5 heel touches on each side and go back to the lunges. (Remember: Only use the weights if your level of fitness is appropriate. Maintaining the proper form of the exercises is the most important part of any exercise routine!)

Cool Down:

5 min. low intensity on the elliptical trainer

Final Stretches:

Repeat earlier stretches and do a Standing Quad.. Stretch
Stretch each leg for 2 sets of 30 secs.

This is a 45 min. Dr. Levi Workout which targets your hamstrings with cardio training. Exercise is life!! Gratitude is another elixir for a happy, exercise filled life! Yeah!

Dr. Levi Harrison
Orthopedic Surgeon

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