Proper Keyboard Placement In Gaming

Keyboard placement, whether it is in a gaming environment, or perhaps in a general office environment is essential to long term hand, wrist and upper extremity health of computer users. As I have touched upon in previous articles, podcasts and videos, repetitive stress injury (RSI) is at its core caused Read more…

Mouse Sensitivity, Gaming & RSI

Mouse Sensitivity, Gaming & RSI The mouse is undoubtedly an integral aspect of any gamer’s arsenal, and it has most certainly evolved over the years. Many attempts to address the perpetual threat of repetitive stress injury have been made, ranging from the relatively archaic track ball, to a multitude of Read more…

Exercises and Stretches for Bowlers

Bowling as a sport has not only a rich history and culture, but is also enjoyed by millions of people globally. Bowling’s accessibility, artful marksmanship and its unique ability to bring people together is truly amazing. Bowling itself is mainly an anaerobic activity but it does burn calories and allows Read more…

Love Handles Workout

Dr. Levi,”How do I lose my love handles?”…This question is asked in my practice every week by multiple patients. Well, I want to share with you the advice which I give my patients. #1. Love your bodies just the way they are, even your love handles. Make a commitment to Read more…

Healthy Holiday Tips

1. Continue to exercise during the holidays. In between shopping blitzes, be sure to prioritize a daily 20-30 min. cardio cross-training routine. Incorporate exercise while shopping. Take the stairs at the mall and park further away from the entrance in a well travelled and properly illuminated safe parking area. Bring Read more…

Hiking for Couples

Hiking is a great de-stressing date with cardiovascular benefits. This outdoor activity provides an opportunity to really enjoy the company of your partner. Consider hiking on a safe trail with a gradual incline depending on your overall fitness levels. I recommend taking the following back pack items: water, sunblock/ sunscreen, Read more…

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Amazingly kind and great guy. There's few doctors with this combination of skill, passion and love for what they do. Dr. Levi Harrison takes time and doesn't treat based on assumptions, while most of my other doctors have. As a gamer, online marketeer and often too digital life, I use too many devices and had resulting injuries and RSI. Even though I am not better yet, it is great to finally speak to someone who understands. I'm glad I got in touch with him and I hope he gets to help many others in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

- Dominique de Kort

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

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