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From what I have seen in my practice; whether it be professional athletes, law enforcement personnel, or simply individuals who use their computers, keyboards and mice on a daily basis, many of these individuals, especially the eSports athletes, have shortened careers due to the excessive use of their hands, unbalanced ergonomics and posture alignment.

I have been watching various gaming streams, and it became clear that many of these gamers played over 8 hours a day, many without taking more than a brief break. This extreme amount of play can be a catalyst for a shortened career due mainly to repetitive stress injuries as well as nerve and tendon issues.

In treating professional athletes, it has become clear that though their high intensity training may lead to injury, it is often necessary for high level competition. This type of intense training is true for eSports athletes. These eSports competitors train for countless hours per day, and I am here to provide a structured regimen of stretching, warm-up exercises and cool-down exercises that will allow them to train for extended periods of time, while preventing and minimizing the risk for painful conditions associated with repetitive stress injuries, while also increasing actions per minute, clicking speed and hand/wrist mobility, flexibility and strength.

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

eSports Coaching

As someone who works specifically with repetitive stress injuries, I’ve found that a substantial portion of my patients are casual, amateur and professional gamers. These individuals often play/practice for 8-12 hours a day; exhibiting the dedication and consistency required to be a true professional athlete.

Like any athletes; however these aggressive training practices can take a toll on the health of the athlete, and can ultimately shorten or end a career. An athlete can train intensely for extended periods of time; however, one must follow an appropriate regimen of stretches, exercises,diet, nutrition, fitness and must also maintain a healthy and motivated psychological profile.

If you are a casual or professional gamer, a professional eSports team, or gaming organization or anyone affiliated with the eSports community, I am here to be of professional service.

My Professional Evaluation Includes The Following:

  • Evaluate the hands, wrists, upper extremities, posture, ergonomic setup and gaming equipment of your athletes. Ideally, we can evaluate, recognize, and treat the symptoms of repetitive stress injury, hence allowing your athlete to train to their fullest potential.
  • Provide sports counseling and motivation to the team, coaches, managers and owners.
  • Provide your athletes with an individualized nutritional and fitness plan, which will be created after detailed interviews with the respective athletes and their team managers.
  • Serve as your team physician at live events and competitions nationally and internationally.

My Story

When I was first introduced to League of Legends, one my patients mentioned that they would be attending a sporting event at the Los Angeles Staples Center. As a lifelong fan of sports and athletics in general, I inquired further as to the nature of the event. At this moment, I was introduced into the dynamic, competitive, and culturally diverse and aesthetically rich eSports community.

That next week, my patient sent me a video of the League of Legends 2013 Championship, and to say the least I was truly amazed by the spectacle of the event. Though the scenery at its very core was a secondary interest to me, the competitive nature of the event, and the focused dedication of the competitors, were what really amazed me.

As a orthopedic surgeon with a specialization in hand, wrist and upper extremity conditions, I remember watching the members of both SK Telecom T1 and Royal Club aggressively battle over strategic map control and various objectives. In conjunction with watching, what I now know to be “tower dives”, “Baron control” and “laning phase”. I also avidly watched their hand movements, ergonomics, clicking speeds, postures and micro-mechanics.

Mouse Sensitivity,
Gaming & RSI

The mouse is undoubtedly an integral aspect of any gamer’s arsenal, and it has most certainly evolved over the years. Many attempts to address the perpetual threat of repetitive stress injury have been made, ranging from the relatively archaic track ball, to a multitude of ergonomic mice.

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

Hand & Wrist Exercises

Hand & Wrist Exercises For Gamers

Hand & Wrist Exercises For Gamers

Hand & Wrist Exercises For Gamers

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As a fitness expert and physician, Dr. Levi Harrison combines his medical and fitness expertise to create safe, effective and dynamic fitness regimens for individuals of varying fitness levels.

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About Dr. Levi

Dr. Levi Harrison earned his medical degree at The University of California at Davis, School of Medicine and completed fellowship at the internationally renowned Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center in Indianapolis. He completed his Orthopedic Surgery residency in Los Angeles where he now resides and evaluates patients. His practice is a center of excellence for sports related upper extremity and shoulder injuries as well as hand rehabilitation.

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Amazingly kind and great guy. There's few doctors with this combination of skill, passion and love for what they do. Dr. Levi Harrison takes time and doesn't treat based on assumptions, while most of my other doctors have. As a gamer, online marketeer and often too digital life, I use too many devices and had resulting injuries and RSI. Even though I am not better yet, it is great to finally speak to someone who understands. I'm glad I got in touch with him and I hope he gets to help many others in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

- Dominique de Kort

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD

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