Tennis Elbow: What Is It, Do You Have It, and How Do You Treat It?

Tennis elbow – or lateral epicondylitis – is a common injury in many of the athletes who present with elbow pain. As an orthopedic surgeon, I have been treating this problem with greater frequency, especially in the cross-training and CrossFit athletic communities.   Previously, I saw this problem mainly with professional athletes and racquet sport…

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7 Exercises to Maximize Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Strength

It is extremely important not to neglect working your forearms during your exercise routines. The hands, wrists, and forearms should be prioritized while warming up and while working out. Below, I will review and demonstrate several stretches and essential exercises that will allow you to build strong and symmetric forearms. The Benefits of Forearm and…

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Mouse Sensitivity, Gaming & RSI

Mouse Sensitivity, Gaming & RSI The mouse is undoubtedly an integral aspect of any gamer’s arsenal, and it has most certainly evolved over the years. Many attempts to address the perpetual threat of repetitive stress injury have been made, ranging from the relatively archaic track ball, to a multitude of ergonomic mice. Though there are…

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Lower Extremity Pain in Gamer’s & Computer Users

By Dr. Levi Harrison The Gamers & eSports Doctor Often, as it pertains to gaming, computer use and our health, it is easy to focus on hand, wrist, forearm and shoulder issues. Though maintaining proper upper extremity health is absolutely essential, it is also important not to overlook our lower extremity health. Depending on the…

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Proper Keyboard Placement In Gaming

By Dr. Levi Harrison Keyboard placement, whether it is in a gaming environment, or perhaps in a general office environment is essential to long term hand, wrist and upper extremity health of computer users. As I have touched upon in previous articles, podcasts and videos, repetitive stress injury (RSI) is at its core caused by…

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